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Cargo Services

Moving cargo around in Africa, The Middle East and beyond can be a difficult. With safety and security challenges, limited road reliability and regulatory issues to consider it can seem almost impossible to find a reliable and cost effective way to safely move your valuable cargo where you need it to go.

Nova Air Cargo Service has the experience and regional expertise along with international exposure that sets us apart from our competitors.

Nova cargo charter services


Cargo Charter Services

We offer a full range of cargo aircraft, from small jets for urgent packages, to large freighter services with partner groups for outsized cargo. The products we move are as varied as their destinations and range from large shipments of food and aid to highly prized thoroughbred racehorses.

Contact our Cargo Charter team today and find out how we can solve your problem and streamline your cargo transportation. We also offer an onboard courier service and freight forwarding.

Nova Cargo Charter service guarantees the efficient transport and delivery of your cargo, where you need it, when you need it.

Nova, a journey as great as the destination!

Contact our Cargo Charter team today and get your cargo safely and efficiently to its destination.
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