Nova Airways is a Private Sudane

Nova Airways is a Private Sudanese carrier. Working with us means joining a team of professional people operating in different contexts with the sole objective of winning over customer loyalty by offering top quality service every day. And the people who work for Nova Airways are proud of this shared aim.

A particular feature of the team is the wide range of professional categories involved (ground staff, maintenance engineers, managers, etc) and the different work places – on the ground, in flight, worldwide. But the diversity is only apparent since the various roles are integrated to the point where the differences lead to close collaboration at all levels.

Whatever your professional background and qualifications, you will have the opportunity not only to work in a broader context but also to gain valuable experience as part of a service chain that runs from the design stage to the end-user. And of course the initial training period is backed up by ongoing refresher courses.

Courses range from graduate internships, training for flight crews and ground staff, and improving managerial skills. Investing in this sector means believing in people and Nova’s potential, boosting the range of skills which represent the Company’s main resource for maintaining its strategic role on the domestic and international scenario.

H.R. Division, Nova Airways

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