When customers buy airfreight, they buy speed and reliability. They have every right to expect their shipment to arrive at its destination at the agreed time.

At Nova
Airways Cargo we take this quality commitment very seriously. We work in a dedicated and systematic manner, with quality improvement as our main focus.
To provide the highest possible quality, airlines and forwarders must work together to ensure that all parts of the transport chain are equally strong that we each fulfill our part as agreed.
The steps required making a shipment "Ready for Carriage", ready for Booking" or "Ready for Claim" are neither new nor complicated. They have been agreed on for many years and are understood as a matter of simple logic. Today, they are more important than ever.
Let's work together to provide the quality necessary for an even better airfreight business for all concerned.


Air Waybill Conditions of Contract, and use of non-colored air waybills
In accordance with IATA Cargo Services Conference Resolution 600b, the Conditions of Contract that are printed on the back of AWBs must be changed effective 17 March 2008.

IATA recommends that agents contact their supplier of neutral AWBs to verify that this item is under control.

Any unused preprinted 000-AWBs delivered by Nova
Airways Cargo to agents must be returned by the above date, and new preprinted AWBs with the corrected conditions of contract delivered instead. When you use your normal order procedure, Nova Airways Cargo/Head Office will ensure that you receive the correct version.

It should also be noted that we allow use of non-colored AWBs, but they must meet precisely the same specifications and requirements as colored AWBs.

For more information, we recommend you download and read the official information from IATA, which is available at the link to the right.

Fuel Surcharges

As per 28.Feb 09 a new differentiated fuel surcharge is implemented.
Short-haul fuel surcharge is equal to € 0,45, and long-haul is equal to € 0,65.

Please be aware that the invoiced fuel surcharge is determined by the AWB issue date.


Handling is a critical part of the transportation value chain. Nova
Airways Cargo’s policy is to select the best possible handling partner at each destination. Our handling partners follow system-wide quality procedures to ensure a reliable cargo flow.

Conditions of Carriage


1- The acceptance of cargo is one of the most important areas of cargo handling. If shipments are accepted for carriage that are not in accordance with specific regulations, TACT Rules and this manual, invariably mishandling, damage or delay will occur during a further stage of transportation.

2- Nova
Airways undertakes to transport, subject to the availability of suitable equipment and space, all shipments, unless otherwise excluded by Nova Airways regulations and provided that;

the transportation, or the exportation or importation thereof is not prohibited by laws or regulations of any country to be flown from, to, through or over; and

they are packed in a manner suitable for carriage by aircraft and accompanied by the requisite shipping documents; and

They are not likely to endanger aircraft, persons or property, or cause annoyance to passengers.

3- Each piece must not be too large to fit into the hold of the type of aircraft that will be operating a particular sector of transportation.

4- Nova
Airways reserves the right without assuming any liability to refuse carriage of cargo when circumstances so require.

5- Nova
Airways may refuse carriage of shipments having a declared value for carriage in excess of the amount specified in Nova Airways regulations.

6- Dangerous goods, live animals, perishables, fragile goods, human remains and other special cargo are accepted only under the conditions set forth in section 5 of this manual.

7- Shipper is responsible for ensuring that the cargo is packed in an appropriate way for air carriage so as to ensure that it can be carried safely with ordinary care in handling and so as not to injure or damage any persons, goods or property.

Each package shall be legibly and durably marked with the name and full address of the shipper and consignee.

8- Responsibility for non-observance of the conditions relating to the carriage of special cargo rests upon the shipper who shall indemnify Nova
Airways for any loss, damage, delay, liability or penalties Nova Airways may incur because of carriage of any such cargo.
01.01.00 General {Cont’d}

9- Nova
Airways reserves the right to examine the contents and packaging of all shipments and to enquire into the correctness or sufficiency of information or documents tendered in respect of any shipment but Nova Airways shall be under no obligation to do so.

10- The procedure to be followed when accepting shipment is:
All shipments must be screened and searched physically prior to acceptance.

Check that the actual weight of the packages agrees with the weight shown on the air waybill.

Check that the packing of the freight is suitable and strong enough to protect the contents during transportation. Ensure labels and/or marking as specified are affixed.

Check that the packages are of a size and weight that will fit into the holds of the types of aircraft involved in transportation from origin to destination.

Check the dimensions of the packages to determine if the charges will be on actual or volumetric weight.

Check the air waybill is completed correctly according to current edition of TACT Rules.

For special cargo, ensure it is acceptable according to the latest IATA and Nova
Airways regulations checklist.

When specified, ensure the shipment has confirmed reservation on all sectors of routing.

Ensure the shipment is not prohibited from importation into the country of destination; refer to current edition of TACT Rules, section 7.3.

If the shipment is charges collect, ensure it is permitted.

If all the above conditions are fulfilled, the shipment is acceptable for carriage.

11- Consignments are accepted by Nova Airways from anyone of the following:

Directly from the shippers.
Through IATA Cargo agents.
From other airlines.


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