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Shopping Experience

Enjoy a bit of retail therapy with Nova Airways Sky Mall, you may buy all our items onboard of all our international flights or from you house. Goods will be delivered with 45 days from the date of your payment pls send your order via email with art.nbr. Description and number of pieces desired to:

Made in Italy
Euro 7,50 each

Made in Italy
Euro 37 each

Made in Italy
Euro 68 each

Nova Airways Sky Mall Terms & Conditions

1. Our quality
All products offered have passed our strict quality inspections. If unexpected problems arise, you not only have the statutory quality warranty of two years; an additional voluntary manufacturers’ guarantee may apply. Please retain your invoice or the delivery note and if available the manufacturers’ warranty card. If you have any queries or complaints, contact our customer service office under Nova Airways

2. Your right to return
You may return any goods purchased via post-mail without stating a reason within 10 days of receiving the goods, only in the original packaging. You may choose between replacement of the goods or reimbursement of the price deducting 25% for administrative expensive. The goods should be returned to the factory directly.

3. Our fixed prices
Our prices naturally include the value-added tax at the statutory rate (as applicable in April 2009; subject to change). Only the new prices apply following the publication of a new catalogue, if any. We cannot accept any liability for printing errors, which hopefully will not occur.

4. Our delivery times and capability, shipping cost
Goods are usually delivered within 6 weeks after receiving your order. For deliveries outside Sudan we mostly use Courier services. Delivery is made on work days. If delivery is made by a forwarding agent, goods are delivered between 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of the order. All shipping cost will be on account of the customer at destination

5. Payment for purchases in Euro only
you can pay by credit card, or by bank transfer (plus € 4 COD charge and € 2 COD fee)

6. Traveling with luggage
The dimensions of the Nova Airways carry-on luggage may differ from other airlines’ standards. It is therefore advisable to contact the respective airline before your flight. Check your luggage as soon as it comes off the luggage belt after each flight. If it is damaged, you should file a verbal and written complaint with the airline and/or transport company immediately, preferably before clearing customs. Further information on luggage insurance can be obtained from every travel agent.

7. Privacy policy
Nova Airways Sky Mall will store your data and forward it to associated companies and service providers (e.g. transport companies) for order fulfillment. If Nova Airways has a justified interest in performing its own credit checks, it also reserves the right to use credit standing information for the duration of the customer relations. This information is calculated on the basis of mathematical-statistical methods and provided by Nojo Aviation Consultancy – U.A.E.

8. Last but not least
Due to permanent improvements in product quality, the actual product may occasionally differ from that illustrated and/or specified in the catalogue. If a vintage wine or sparkling wine is sold out, Nova Sky Mall will deliver a product of equivalent quality. Your statutory right to return goods is, of course, not affected. All stated performances, dimensions, weights and sizes are approximate. The contract is made between you and Nova Sky Mall when your order is accepted by shipping the goods. All goods remain property of Nova Airways until paid for in full. Sudanese law applies, with exclusion of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods. Khartoum (Sudan) shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction for bilateral commercial sales.


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