Nova Ground Handling

Nova streamlines ground handling operations without compromising quality



Most groups involved in the transportation of passengers or cargo have experienced the negative impact of poor ground handling service.  From unexpected fees to delivery delays, angry customers and poor corporate performance.  Delays and extended ground times can greatly decrease profits and cost you customers.

As the longest flying private airline in Sudan we understand the importance of operating safely, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner.  We can arrange loading, unloading, fueling services, permits and minimize your turnaround time. Faster turnarounds and lower ground time are directly correlated to increased profit and less hassle and stress for your crew.


Above & Below the Wing

Call Nova Ground Handling team today to find out how they can streamline your ground handling process and optimize your operations without compromising quality.

Nova’s highly skilled work force above and below the wing will deliver you a full range of permits, airport and ground handling services in Sudan.

Nova, a journey as great as the destination.

Nova, a journey as great as the destination!

Find out how Nova can manage your ground handling operations to reduce your ground time and maximize your profitability.
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