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Take your travelers’ in-flight dining experience to new heights with our diverse Sudanese menu options


Delicious In-Flight Dining Options

In an age of minimalism and economic savings, airplane food is not what it once was. Many customers complain of limited options, low quality dining fare and stale food.

Passengers are weary of the ever present and rock hard bread role sealed in its plastic tomb. Poor aircraft food can negatively impact not only your customers and VIP clientele on board but your crew members as well!

Nova Catering takes in-flight dining to new heights.


Freshly Prepared

We offer customized meal options for our privately operated charter flights as well as third-party operators. You will find our freshly prepared cuisine has a local flavor pleasing to the palate as well as the eye!

Working in tandem with the concierge team, Nova Catering also offers an extensive selection of wines and beverages for nearly every taste and occasion.


Sudanese Flavours

Contact the Nova Catering team today to find out what menu options are available for your private flight coming in or leaving out of Khartoum.

We offer diverse menus with selections and quantities for any size of aircraft.

Your customers will enjoy the subtle hints of Sudanese cuisine and we guarantee that the complaints of boredom will evaporate.


Nova, a journey as great as the destination!

Contact us to find out about all our delicious meal options that will take your travelers's in-flight dining experience to new heights.
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